Seller’s Notes

For as long as I can remember, my family always referred to coming to this house as “Going up the River”. This home has been in my family for 3 generations – since 1933 when my maternal grandparents bought it from Eva Alexander.

I spent my summers here with my brothers and cousins and, to me, it was magic! We would either sleep outside on the porch, the front patio, or in the room downstairs. For my mother, there was always room for one more guest. Many friends and relatives would drop off their children for a few days or, in the case of two of my cousins, all summer long.

As typical children, we liked to have water balloon fights, egg fights, tomato fights, you name it, and the best part was when my mother would join in and help me as I was the youngest of all the children and usually got the worst of things.  We also loved to play hide and go seek since there were such great places to hide on the property.  Often times, when we wanted a change from swimming in our pool, we would walk down to the river for a swim and buy treats at the store near the beach.Lookout Lodge, as it was named by my family, was instrumental in my growing love of animals. There were always plenty around – birds, toads, and many different types of lizards, just to mention a few.  I never grew tired of the sounds of frogs, crickets, and owls on a warm summer’s night.  

I knew at age 12 that this was where I wanted to spend my life so, after I graduated from college, I moved here. Within a year, I was married and, luckily, my husband fell in love with the place too. We have spent over 42 years living in a place that seemed, to us, the kind of place people always described as their retirement home.

With its close proximity to the city of Healdsburg, we often walk or bicycle into town whether it’s to hear the free concerts in the plaza during the summer, go to the Farmer’s Market, enjoy a meal at one of the great restaurants, or just get outside to enjoy this beautiful area. To us, this place is full of magic and there is always something to watch.  Whether it’s a heron soar by within 10’ of the porch, or a hawk, osprey, or bald eagle fly over the river as it hunts for food or maybe it’s hearing a hummingbird buzz past on its way to a feeder, there is always some activity to see.  

Mornings are my favorite when I watch the early morning fog snake along the river as I enjoy my first cup of coffee.  We have been lucky to live in such a beautiful place and would like to pass the blessings on to the next owners. Paradise found!